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RAY Upgrade: Gas fees down 75% and ERC-20 compatible

Posted by Staked on Jul 9, 2020 4:47:27 PM

RAY recently got an upgrade! We've converted RAY to the ERC-20 standard, had those changes audited by Trail of Bits, and are now rolling it out.

Frame 8.7

Use RAY today:

Below please find some Frequently Asked Questions and technical details regarding the upgrade. 

Why was RAY upgraded?

  • To create a better user experience, reduce gas fees, and make RAY more interoperable with other yield generating opportunities in DeFi. 

What should I expect from RAY in the future?

  • AMM integrations, such as Uniswap, Curve, and Bancor 
  • Additional automated capture of liquidity incentives. RAY already captures and accounts for COMP. We'll add any other liquidity incentives as they launch. Learn more about how RAY handles Liquidity Incentives.
  • New lending opportunities, such as USDT.

What do I do if I have existing ERC-721 RAY tokens?

  • Nothing! This upgrade is backwards compatible and your existing ERC-721 RAY tokens will continue to function as intended. If you wish to change them to the new version, you should withdraw your current RAY and mint a new one from the deposit page.
What can I do with the new ERC-20 RAY tokens?
  • Easily transfer your RAY tokens between Ethereum wallets.
  • (Coming Soon) Earn additional yield on ERC-20 RAYs by supplying liquidity to various Automated Market Makers (AMMs)
  • As an added benefit, RAY now uses ~75% less gas for minting and withdrawals.
How do I create a new RAY token?
  • Select “Open a New RAY” from the Minting & Managing page. Choose an asset to supply (ETH, DAI, USDC, and BUSD) and then the corresponding platforms to lend to. Click “Deposit Funds” to mint a new RAY! You can now view your RAY tokens through “Manage Existing RAYs.”  

We are thrilled to continue to make it easy than ever to earn the highest yield available on USDC, DAI, ETH, and other crypto assets across yield-generating DeFi opportunities.

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